Naturopathic Medicine

A Naturopathic Doctor is a recognized and regulated primary health care professional in Ontario, who approaches the disease process through art, science, philosophy, and practice of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness.


Naturopathic Doctors approach a patient’s problems with diverse techniques including modern, traditional, simple, and empirical methods.


Naturopathic modalities support the body to mount a defence against the disease process.

A Naturopathic Doctor treats the person and not the disease using naturopathic modalities like;

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Herbs
  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Hydrotherapy


These modalities help the patient to strengthen their own body and regain the potential by helping patients understand their body’s innate intelligence. A Naturopathic Doctor helps to stimulate and support a patient’s body’s systems to address imbalances that are affecting the body.


The main goals of a Naturopathic Doctor for their patient are to:

  • Stimulate Healing
  • Identify and treat the cause
  • No harm to patient
  • Create a therapeutic relationship with patient
  • Prevent disease and attain optimal health
  • Remove disease


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Niagara Naturopathy Rates

(H.S.T. Exempt)

75 Minute Initial Assessment: $165

30 Minute Follow Up Appointment: $75

45 Minute Follow Up Appointment: $90

Cancellation Policy:

There will be a 50% cancellation fee applied to any missed appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. Our late cancellation fee will be waived if you cancel due to illness or suspected illness. We would prefer to reschedule your appointment if you are ill. Please try to give our office appropriate notice.